Azure Cloud Configuration Review Using ScoutSuite Tool

Abhi Gowda
Jul 27, 2023


User can install ScoutSuite tool using Git.
Commands are mentioned below.

Via Git

$ git clone
$ cd ScoutSuite
$ virtualenv -p python3 venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python — help

For Azure cloud scan : once ScouteSuite is installed, we need to install azure-cli to connect ScoutSuite to respective Azure cloud account.

$ pip install azure-cli

After azure-cli installation, configure azure account using below command, this command will open browser and ask user to login to respective cloud account to be scanned.

$ az login

After login to azure account, run the scan using below command

$ python azure — cli

Once after scan completion, automatically .html report will open up in browser, report looks as shown below.

!! Happy Learning !!